The Plot Thickens (NOS)

The plot thickens on the NOS

The plot (or is it soup?) thickens…We reported before on the tight control the BWY has on the NOS steering group, and how applications for inclusion by many prominent studios and organisations like ours were ignored in favour of a few hand-picked supporters within BWY clan.

Now it can be revealed that two individuals, Heather Mason, a so called, ‘BWY Recognized Centre’ (which according to one is by invitation only and doesn’t require any formal application process) trades as a non-registered, non-charitable enterprise under the prestigious trading name of ‘The Minded Institute’ and Paul Fox, (Chair of the BWY) are both on the Steering Group, and both are joint directors of a company formed only recently called the ‘Yoga In Healthcare Alliance’ which has said it is determined to get referrals from NHS GP surgeries for ‘yoga therapy’.

Whatever you think about this scheme it comes as quite a shock to find on the ‘Policy Group’ for the ‘Yoga In Healthcare Alliance’, the face and biography of none other than the current Head of Standards at SkillsActive, Caroline Larrissey.

We leave you to draw your own conclusions about what’s going on behind the scenes… since not much now is left to our imaginations in terms of the closing business relationships between the people at the very top of the NOS development hierarchy.

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