‘Hop’ on the bandwagon

People are attracted to the beautiful simplicity of yoga. When you enter a yoga class you leave the stress-filled manic world behind. Some come for the physical side, some for the meditational side, and many have found the strength to deal with their problems, physical, emotional and psychological. This simplicity is constantly under threat from a bombardment of products from the latest leggings to detox diets. And now yet another product has arrived on the yoga scene: beer yoga. To say that drinking beer while doing yoga ‘makes it less intimidating’ as one teacher stated, questions that teachers understanding of yoga. But the main issue, and one that YAP takes a stand on, is that many students come to yoga to help with addictions, including alcohol. Yoga is seen as a means to freedom, a means to find a deeper meaning to life. Adding alcohol to yoga blurs this boundary and instead of taking us inside, we are back endlessly chasing the myth of being able to buy happiness.


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