The Future of Yoga Therapy

Written by Noeleen Tyrrell, Director of Ard Nahoo Eco Retreat & Yoga School

When YAP asked us its members for our opinion on yoga therapy, its definition, personal experience and proposed training etc.  the first thing that came to my mind was the sticky fudgy question –  how do we define yoga today?  It would be easy to define it by traditional or classic standards but that does not answer to the reality of what is happening in the yoga industry today.   The variance in how yoga itself is taught and practised, the intention and goals of both teacher and student, the depth and quality of study and application, adherence to tradition plus openness to new scientific research and many more factors make it very tricky to put a ‘true’ modern definition of what yoga means in 2018.  Many people practice yoga asana simply as a physical exercise that makes them feel good and keeps them fit while others use all the various yoga practices, tools and meditation as a life path towards spiritual growth and freedom.  Each has its place, each is worthy. Continue reading “The Future of Yoga Therapy”