Teacher Only Events at YAP

Teacher Only Events are events/workshops specifically designed to develop yoga teachers. The section on the Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP) website named ‘Teacher Only Events’ is where these will be listed and you can search for events that interest you. We wanted to provide teachers with this section so it is easier for you to find Teacher-Specific workshops that will help your development.

These events can be either YAPTAs or Teacher Only Events.

What are YAPTAs?

To provide a platform for further training, YAP launched the Yoga Alliance Professionals Training Academy or as we like to call it YAPTA in 2017. These are teacher-only seminar-style workshops which encourage networking and sharing experiences and ideas.

These events are organised by us here at YAP and taught by some of our fantastic Senior Teachers.

Teacher Only Events

Any other Teacher Only Events listed in this section are organised out-with YAP and are taught by either SYT or CL2 member

How can you tell the difference between a YAPTA and other Teacher only events?

YAPTA will be distinguished by the blue Y displayed on the event photo.

How do I record my further Training hours?

You can record all further training which you complete on your profile on our website. This can be done by logging in and completing the Further Training box in the account details section. You can also reference your further training in the About Us section of your profile.

How do I post these events?

If you are a Senior Yoga Teacher or Chartered Level 2 member with us you can post these events from your YAP profile. Please note, this section is not for Teacher Training, Vocational or Further Training Courses. It is also not for Retreats or General workshops. These events must:

  • be for Yoga Teachers Only (and state this on the event).
  • be more than 2 hours long but not exceed 28 hours.
  • aim to develop the knowledge of existing teachers.

These events cannot offer Certification of Qualification upon completion. Any events in a Vocational subject (Pregnancy, Kids, Teens, Meditation or Sports) must clearly state that this is a taster or intro class and NOT a full teacher training course and does not qualify attendees to teach this subject.

This section will be monitored, if we find events in this section that do not meet this criteria they will be deleted.

You can view the events here

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