June Updates 2018

Summer is finally here! The days are longer and the sun has come out to play. It’s fair to say that June has been a very exciting month, from World Oceans Day to International Yoga Day! We feel like we say this every month, but seriously, where has the month gone?!

YAP started a new blog series (to help you negotiate social media). Two successful YAPTAs took place this month too. Our members have been busy publishing their own articles (thank you) and we’ve enjoyed reading them! Continue reading to find out more details (and a picture of our dog on his first birthday!)

  • Customer Service

– We work hard to deliver high levels of customer service.

– Our team are all employees – we do not use volunteers to answer your enquiries!

– We are proud of our service and want to share our email highlights with our readers.

• Highlights from our e-mail system:

– The proportion of emails that were resolved in 1 touch: 68.5%

– The median first reply time for all emails: 5.4 hrs

– The median full resolve time for all emails: 21.1 hrs

– 97% of our e-mails are rated as good

– On average, we recieve 925 tickets per month

• Some feedback we have received:

– “really good speedy response clear information and very helpful.”

– “I’m really satisfied with the help I receive from Yoga Alliance Professionals, you are quick and always present, with good explanations and truly with the desire to help people.”

– “Your customer support is one of the best. I am really happy about it. Thank you.”

We will always try to call our members who send us an email, in the first instance. We believe in the personal touch. 

We are always keen to hear your feedback, it helps us learn and grow! If you have any feedback to share – contact us 

Remember we are here 6 days a week to help and offer advice!

  • There was 2 YAPTAs this month! – Here is some feedback from Postnatal yoga with Sally Parkes and Yin Yoga with Dawn Wright 

– “Very practical (practice sessions on asana adaptions with photo handouts really useful) Very Inclusive (I was aware I was the only male attending but felt very included) Very Interactive (Sally clearly knows her stuff and was fielding lots of questions during the workshop)”

– “I thought this was an excellent workshop. The structure was well thought out. The supporting handouts were logically and highly supportive to the content. I thought the workshop delivered against its aim 100%. This fa surpassed my expectations after being to an YA event last year. Sally’s engagement, passion and human side made for a highly engaging workshop, I learnt lots and have come away highly motivated – what more can I say!”

–  “Good event, really enjoyed it. Dawn managed to cover a lot in a short space of time. The objectives were spot on for the level of experience.”

  • There were lots of member articles

Do I need a Specialist Training course? Written by Little Green Yoga

Disease and Effect of Prana Written by Trent Amour

– Read all of the member articles here!

  • There were 2 new blog posts this month, both are a part of our Social Media Series. Read Part 1 and Part 2 about Instagram below!

Instagram Blog part 1

Instagram Blog Part 2

  • International Yoga Day was on the 21st June, as I’m sure you will know. 

Elite Police Force guards the Himalayas – and Practices Yoga

Images of yoga being practised all around the world in celebration of International Yoga Day

  • We had a very special birthday in the office this month – it was the 1st birthday of our office dog, Chai!

– Find a picture of him in his birthday hat below!

Facts from the Team Huddle:

• Tigers have striped skin not just striped fur. The stripes are like fingerprints and no two tigers have the same pattern.

Warmest Wishes,

The Yoga Alliance Professionals Team


Chai celebrating his 1st birthday!

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