August Updates 2018

Another month has come and gone in the blink of an eye! August has been a very busy month at YAP as we have been making some exciting changes to the website, these changes have started to be rolled out and we will continue releasing new features for the next couple of months. You may remember the blog we released in late June about the results of a survey we sent out (find this blog here!), all of these changes are based on the feedback from that! Everyone in the office is very excited for all of the new things to come and we are testing everything out for you so that it is perfect when we introduce these features to the website!

To find out more about what we have released so far and all the other exciting things that happened, keep on reading…

Tara Lee recorded a video to give you some more info on her upcoming YAPTA! Why not join Tara Lee to gain the skills and confidence needed to teach pregnant students that show up to your classes?

  • The Introduction to Pregnancy Yoga YAPTA event with Tara Lee is coming up very soon (8th September) and she has published a video talking about all of the objectives of the event.
  • This workshop has been created by Tara Lee for Yoga Teachers! Most Teacher Training Courses don’t prepare you enough to be able to teach pregnant women who may show up to your classes unexpectedly, and that is exactly what this workshop is for. To give you information about pregnancy and the skills you need as a teacher to be able to advise your students appropriately.
  • Watch the video, find out more and buy tickets here!

We have a new, user-friendly website layout!

  • This is one of the most obvious changes on the website, the menu bar and layout have changed!
  • We have removed the drop-down menus and also moved the search function (more on that soon!). This makes the website look cleaner and generally easier to use on mobile!

We have improved our Search Function and changed the look of it!

  • You may remember the old search function, it was very useful but took up a lot of space on our website! We have simplified the look, now it is a smaller search bar you can find on the top of every page!
  • We have also improved the functionality of the search bar. We have made this more intuitive! This means that you can insert any keywords (name, location, type of yoga etc.) and it will search the whole website (members, articles, events, discount codes, everything!!) and you will hopefully find what you are looking for!

The look of your profile is changing! A handful of Trainers are currently testing out Cover Photos (just like what Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn)

We released a Blog to help you with Facebook for Business! This blog is part of the Social Media Series and there were 2 parts for Facebook

  • If you need some help setting up a Business Page within Facebook or want to find out more about how this can benefit your business then these blogs were written for you!
  • Find out why you should set up a business page and how it can bring you new students here.

We interviewed Debbie from Avani Yoga Academy to find out some more about their Teacher Training Course

  • If you are curious about how Teacher Training Courses can differ from one another then this blog is certainly a must-read!
  • Read the blog here to find out what makes the Teacher Training courses at Avani Yoga Academy so unique!

Have you ever been to the Exhale Festival?

  • The Exhale Festival took place at the end of August and looked like so much fun!
  • There were lots of our members that were teaching at the event (and Carl Faure even organised the event!).
  • Check out the website to find out more.

Facts from the Huddle;
  • At different times Charles Darwin and Steve Irwin cared for the same tortoise, named Harriet.
  • The origin of the phrase ‘willy-nilly’ – There are many other ways to say this phrase such as ‘Wille we, Nelle we’, ‘will he, nill he’, ‘will I, nill I’, etc. The expression also appears later as ‘nilly willy’ or ‘willing, nilling’, or even, in a later humorous version ‘William nilliam’. The early meaning of the word nill is key to this. In early English nill was the opposite of will a contraction of ‘ne will’. That is, will meant to want to do something, nill meant to want to avoid it. So, combining the willy – ‘I am willing’ and nilly – ‘I am unwilling’ expresses the idea that it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other.


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