February Updates 2018

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February has been short and sweet. It ended with the Beast from the East and for the first time ever, we had to close up the office and head home before we got snowed in! We are still affected but some of our dedicated team have been able to make it in today and the rest are working hard from home.

A lot of exciting things happened in February, from new YAPTA dates being announced to exciting news about Waitrose launching in-store yoga classes!

We’ve added some new documents to the member section so that you are aware of our new Further Training requirements and a reminder of the amazing features your profile has to offer and how to utilise them!

We updated our website analytics regarding leads and have discovered a direct correlation between profile use and the number of student leads received. More on that later!

Continue reading for the full rundown of what happened last month!

  • Changes to the CPD requirements

– The 8-hour CPD requirement has now been removed.

– We still strongly believe it’s important for you to continue developing your skills as a teacher, but this is a choice you need to make and we want to empower you to take control of your learning as a teacher.

– Yoga Alliance Professionals will continue to run our own high-quality teacher specific training events under the YAPTA brand – these are run by our own SYTs, we have launched more dates and added some new locations. We hope to see you there!

– You can read more about Further Training below on this blog!

  • Teacher-Only events

– We made an exciting update to the website which now allows you to search for Teacher Only events – you will find YAPTA and members own events here.

– Chartered Level 2 and SYTs can post their Teacher Only events in this section, instead of as a workshop!

– View Teacher Only events here.

  • New blog

– We wrote a blog about our Apprentices and how they allowed us to increase the size of our team to improve our level of support to you. 

– You can read their success stories and the reasons why we chose to recruit Apprentices here!

  • Using Linked In

– We are going to start using LinkedIn to share articles and updates!

– Make sure you are following us, find us here.

  • New YAPTAs

– You’re as Young as Your Spine is Flexible with Christine Pitt in London on April 21st. 

– The Body Basics: How Are We Designed To Move? With Sarah Ramsden in Chester on May 19th.

– View all YAPTAs here.

  • Profile Analytics

– A new update to our system allows us to view the analytics of individual profiles. This means we can see the number of views your profile gets and information on your leads.

– We found a correlation between the amount leads received and how much members use their profiles. The more articles, images, videos, workshops and other features you use the more leads you will be sent!

– There will be a blog going out specifically about Leads shortly!

  • Membership pack

– We uploaded a handy membership pack to the member section so that you can discover all of the features your profile has to offer and how you can use them.

  • Further Training Requirements

– This document is also in the member section!

– In the document, we discuss the changes of Further Training (CPD) requirements, what are YAPTAs, what is the career path and how you can record your further training hours.

  • New Guidelines

– As mentioned last month, we were working on some guidelines for some of the features on your profile. We have uploaded guidelines for Workshops and Articles in the member area.

  • Himalaya Yoga Valley

– Just one of our trainers who utilise their profile. Check out how they use videos to attract potential students here!

– They have added two new teacher training courses this month, a 500-hour Teacher Training and the other a 50-hour asana intensive course.

  • Waitrose Yoga

– This is not something we have worked on personally, but it’s very exciting and we wanted to share it with you just in case you missed it!

– Senior Yoga Teacher and Trainer Plus, Sam Rao (view his profile here) have set up an initiative with his team and Waitrose to trial running yoga classes in their stores. If successful, Waitrose plan to launch this nationwide throughout their stores and they will need lots of Yoga Alliance Professionals members to help teach the classes!

– He has written an article about this on our website and he needs more teacher, you can register your interest with him here.

This week our favourite fact from the team huddle was:

  • The Berlin wall has now been down longer than it was up!
  • In Japan, Kit-Kats are seen as a sign of good luck and will often gift them to students going into exams. This is because it sounds similar to ‘Kitto Katsu’ which means Good Luck in Japanese!


Thanks to you all for another amazing month!

The Yoga Alliance Professionals Team

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