September Updates

September was an exciting month, we finished everything for Amrita and are now just awaiting the launch! We also published a few blogs that some of our members wrote for us, they are very interesting and we recommend giving them a read!

For more information on the above, and what else we achieved in the last month then keep on reading…

Amrita has been finalised and will be coming out soon!

  • This means that everything for Amrita has been organised and we are now waiting for the magazines to be printed and sent to all of our members!
  • More dates, details and spoilers will be announced in the follow up of the launch.
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Tara Lee hosted a Pregnancy YAPTA event for us, and you seemed to enjoy the workshop!

  • Read some of the nice comments below;
  • “Tara and Claire were very knowledgeable about the subject, and I felt I learnt a lot in a short session. They made a potentially daunting topic really clear and approachable and I would now feel confident to integrate pregnant women into my classes in a safe and sensitive way. I also loved the sample pregnancy class!”
  • Great venue and very interesting workshop. Well explained and professional”


My Yoga Journey

  • Julia Morton wrote a blog all about her Yoga Journey, in this she shared her experiences. Click here to have a read.
  • You can view Julia Morton’s Teacher Profile here.


The Future of Yoga Therapy


Never Too Late To Do Yoga – Gopala Yaffa


Empowering your family with family yoga

  • Ayala wrote this blog and it focuses on how family yoga can help you build deeper connections with your children, read the full blog here.
  • You can vie Ayala Homossany’s profile here!


We reached 6,000 followers on Facebook!


Facts from the Huddle;
  • Steven Hawking used to host a party that was open to the public every year, but he would only tell people about it the day after the party. This was to try to find time travellers as they would only know the secret location, date and time!
  • There was a gorilla called Koko who was very smart, she even named her pet cat ‘All Ball’. Her keeper once asked her who pulled the sink out of the wall and she blamed All Ball!


The Yoga Alliance Professionals Team

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