May Updates 2018


As all of you will know, May was an important month for many of us, as the GDPR came into effect throughout the EU. This means that we’ve made some changes to our own Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy (you can review these below). We created a handy page summarising the GDPR, which has lots of information and links. 

In addition to completing our GDPR compliance project, we have been busy working on some other projects, continue reading to find out more…


  • GDPR
    • GDPR came into effect on the 25th May.
    • We created a GDPR page on our website so that you have access to lots of GDPR resources and also important documents regarding YAP being GDPR compliant.
    • In order for YAP to become compliant with the GDPR, we did have to make some changes to our Terms of Use and also our Privacy Policy.
    • If you are a Trainer – You will need to confirm with us that you have updated your Terms and Conditions with the small sentence we provided you through e-mail. Note: We cannot accept any of your Trainees or Graduates until you have confirmed the change to your T&C’s with us!
  • Corporate Insurance Page
    • We created a web page detailing why you may need Corporate Insurance for your yoga business. On this page we go through: What makes Corporate Insurance different to Teacher Insurance, How YAP can help, Features, Who can apply, How to apply and the other types of insurance you should consider. We have secured fantastic prices for our members, with our insurance broker, Balens Ltd.
  • Amrita Magazine
    • We have collected some outstanding articles and filing up the advertising spaces! It won’t be long until we go to the printers.
    • You can still advertise in Amrita, but spaces are selling fast.  Give us a call to reserve a space!

Facts from the Team Huddle

• A cat called Stubbs was the Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska for 20 years.

• A 6-year-old applied for a job at the national railway museum (York) and was hired as its ‘director of fun’.

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