July Updates 2018


July has been a beautiful month with the lovely warm weather! The sun in Edinburgh has been just the right temperature! We’ve certainly enjoyed it at YAP headquarters, a great excuse to eat ice cream. Not only has the UK seen a heatwave, there was also a Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse AND Mars could be seen on the 31st (of course, these were the nights that were cloudy so we didn’t see them ourselves)!!

There were so many member articles on the YAP website again (you’re all amazing) and there were a few exciting courses registered! This month, we published a blog about the British Wheel of Yoga situation, organised a new YAPTA with Tara Lee, congratulated our employee of the quarter and there were 3 team birthdays! To find out more about what we got up to in July, keep reading…

A question we are asked frequently is how do I teach pregnant women in my yoga class? Our solution: ask pregnancy expert Tara Lee to host a training workshop.

  • Join Tara Lee for our upcoming YAPTA event in September. You will learn the basic principles of teaching yoga to pregnant women, grab an early bird ticket before they sell out! 

Another successful YAPTA!

  • The Art of Sequencing YAPTA took place on the 22nd of July with Erin Prichard. The workshop was positively received with glowing feedback – here is a comment made by one of the attendees – “Liked the way she broke it down into simple digestible steps. This made the process seem less daunting. It also helps that she’s a very engaging teacher”
  • View upcoming YAPTAs here!

June Updates

  • As we do every month, we kept you updated on some things that happened in June. If you missed the blog read it here.
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New Blog: Renew BWY, and recreate past mistakes?

  • Mat Witts sent us his thoughts on the Private Facebook Group created by Paul Fox called ‘Renew BWY’ and points out some of the problems in the BWY’s strategy.
  • Have a read of the blog here!

Another month with lots of interesting Articles

Featured Trainers of the month

Some new Trainer Courses were Registered

The employee of the Quarter

  • This is new to YAP for 2018! In July we voted for our 2nd ever Employee of the Quarter!
  • The winner was Nardina Arico!
  • Just some of the reasons Nardina won – “Good customer service attitude, she has been a good support to deal with emails and closing them off”, “Mentions improvements which could be made to our systems” and “Always has her head down and works very hard for our members”
  • Nardina recently graduated as a Yoga Teacher, read the blog on her Trainee Experience!

Our Favourite Facts from the Huddle;
    • White flowers smell the strongest. This helps them to attract bees/wasps to pollinate them.
    • Figs are not vegetarian/vegan! In order for a fig to be edible, they have to have at least 1 dead female wasp trapped inside. This wasp dies inside and an enzyme from the fig breaks the wasp down into protein.

Yoga Alliance Professionals

Happy Birthday to Louise, Mark and Kayleigh!  

Thanks for another amazing month,

Yoga Alliance Professionals Team


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