The benefits of an Apprenticeship

Yoga Alliance Professionals is a Not for Profit Organisation. We exist to support our members and our membership fees are used to provide our members with an increasingly sophisticated web presence and support.

I manage the Human Resources and our teams here at Yoga Alliance Professionals. I wanted to improve the overall experience our members have with us by increasing the level of support on offer. The key to this was having more staff available to answer telephone calls and emails. It is important to me that our team is available to help and offer you support when you need it. To help me achieve this I looked to increase the size of our team.

On a personal level, I enjoy working with people and helping them with training needs, I find this very rewarding. I had read a lot in the press about Apprenticeship schemes. Issues with youth unemployment and graduate debt are something which concerns me. I started to research Apprenticeship Schemes and decided that this was the way forward. Recruiting Apprentices allowed me to bring fresh talent into our organisation, share ideas and learn from them, and has helped to give three young people a rewarding career.

I recruited Georgia, Kayleigh and Aimee to our team over the course of 2016 and 2017 and worked with them to get them trained on as many areas of our business as I could. They were all keen to learn, progress, and even listened to my words of wisdom! They quickly sailed through their training. I was delighted when they all passed and got their certificates.

From day one, they all fit into our team well and are extremely valuable to me and Yoga Alliance Professionals. I’m sure many of you will have spoken to them over the course of the past year. They have put together their own stories and we would love to share them with you.



Claire Campbell – Head of Operations


Kayleigh’s Story

Before I started at Yoga Alliance Professionals I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a career. I tried nursing and accounting at college, then I was working in a supermarket for two years without progressing anywhere or having the opportunity to. Truth be told it was mind-numbingly boring working on the checkouts.

When I realised that another job was not going to spontaneously appear, I took it upon myself to find a job that can challenge me as a person. I remembered I’d done business admin at school and done well enough to achieve a higher qualification so attempted to find an admin job. However, having no office experience didn’t help my case after failed interviews for the lack of experience so I carried on working away in the supermarket. It wasn’t until December 2016 I finally listened to everyone around me and applied to an apprenticeship agency. I had been to many interviews for apprenticeships, law firms, property development and then I had an interview with Yoga Alliance Professionals. I’ll let you guess where I took the job…

“I was made to feel like a member of the team and not made to feel as if I was a fish out of the water.”

When I joined Yoga Alliance Professionals, I was made to feel like a member of the team and not made to feel as if I was a fish out of the water. Then when the real challenge of starting my apprenticeship came around I did sometimes stress a whole lot over it having no knowledge of how an office worked and learning a new skill set but having such a great team to support me all the way throughout the apprenticeship showing me the correct procedures and answering all the questions I had, everything made sense and became easy enough after a few tries on my own.

I feel like having now completed my apprenticeship, I feel more in control of my future and happy with where I am.

I have enjoyed my time at Yoga Alliance Professionals both during and after the apprenticeship and I highly recommend it to anyone who considers doing one.



Kayleigh Knott – Teacher Relations Advisor


Georgia’s Story

Before I started working at Yoga Alliance Professionals I had just finished my last year at school and was working part-time in the retail sector. I didn’t take admin as a subject at school until my last year, once I started doing admin I questioned myself as to why had I never taken this subject before. I then realised what I wanted to do as a job.

I started thinking what my options were when I was nervously awaiting my exam results. Whilst thinking about the what if I don’t get into university, I had started looking into my other options, full-time employment, college, re-doing my qualifications. I decided to start applying for full-time administration jobs, but I found it very difficult having no previous experience in an administrative role.  Once I had found out from the university that I hadn’t gotten in, I was kind of glad as I feel that it was such a rushed decision and I had applied to do a course I didn’t actually want to do. This made want to get a full-time job so badly.

It was then that I had decided that it would be better to go down the option of an apprenticeship, as it may be easier to get an administrative job. At first, I didn’t know where I was applying for a job, I then got invited for an interview which ended up being an apprenticeship agency and the job was actually about a third party called Yoga Alliance Professionals. Once I went home I looked up Yoga Alliance Professionals to see what they did. After I found out that they were a membership and accreditation organisation for yoga teachers and training courses I was intrigued.

“if I needed their help giving evidence for apprenticeship or needing them to sign statements they would do so in such a highly respectful manner”

When I went for my interview with Yoga Alliance Professionals, I was made to feel so welcome by the staff and the interview wasn’t made intimidating like most places, it seemed like more an informal chat which made me feel at ease and my words managed to flow out rather than stutter and have to think about how to structure a sentence. It wasn’t long after my interview that I was offered the job and I was overwhelmed by this. I accepted the job offer and within a couple of weeks had started working for Yoga Alliance Professionals and got to know the staff.

When I joined Yoga Alliance Professionals, I was made to feel like a full member of the team and if I needed their help giving evidence for apprenticeship or needing them to sign statements they would do so in such a highly respectful manner. I feel like having now completed my apprenticeship, it was the best thing I could have done to gain experience in a job and gain another qualification. I would highly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who has just finished school and isn’t going to university or if they want to leave school early. If I hadn’t applied to do an apprenticeship then I would probably be stuck in a job I hated in retail.



Georgia Stevenson – Teacher Relations Advisor


Aimee’s Story

Before I started my Apprenticeship with Yoga Alliance Professionals I was in my 6th year at school and working a part-time retail job as a customer service assistant in Primark. I didn’t particularly enjoy working in retail and didn’t want to go to university, so I knew that I wanted to apply for an apprenticeship as it would allow me to gain a qualification and get the professional job I want. The reason I chose an apprenticeship is that I would be getting valuable hands-on experience while being trained, it’s also a good way to kickstart my professional career and build important relationships. It also meant that I wouldn’t have to wait 4 years for to get a qualification and end up in debt, no experience, and no full-time job (relating to the qualification).

I knew I wanted to learn about marketing because advertising & social media had fascinated me for some time since taking a new subject called ‘Creative Industries’ in school but there was no way to progress through this as it was only available in one level, and with an apprenticeship it allowed me to explore the idea of becoming a digital marketer. Since YAP is a small business, it gave me the opportunity to understand how a business works and let me develop lots of different skills (not just marketing) which is very useful. Just some of the things I learned are; social media marketing, e-mail marketing, search engine optimisation, photoshop, AdWords, analytics, basic systems skills, customer support, ethical & legal marketing and also workplace laws & regulations.

“they have provided me with support in my training, they have helped me gain life skills (such as communication and IT) and they have allowed me to understand how popular systems work”

I’m glad that Yoga Alliance Professionals accepted me as an apprentice because they have provided me with support in my training, they have helped me gain life skills (such as communication and IT) and they have allowed me to understand how popular systems work such as Zendesk, Brilliant Directories, Adobe programmes and more. I’m thankful that Yoga Alliance Professionals were able to give me (and the other apprentices) a chance and the time to train us, it is due to them that I gained my qualification in marketing and now have a sufficient skill set that would have taken a long time if I had gone to university.



Aimee Williamson – Communications and Systems Advisor


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