September Updates

September was an exciting month, we finished everything for Amrita and are now just awaiting the launch! We also published a few blogs that some of our members wrote for us, they are very interesting and we recommend giving them a read!

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August Updates 2018

Another month has come and gone in the blink of an eye! August has been a very busy month at YAP as we have been making some exciting changes to the website, these changes have started to be rolled out and we will continue releasing new features for the next couple of months. You may remember the blog we released in late June about the results of a survey we sent out (find this blog here!), all of these changes are based on the feedback from that! Everyone in the office is very excited for all of the new things to come and we are testing everything out for you so that it is perfect when we introduce these features to the website!

To find out more about what we have released so far and all the other exciting things that happened, keep on reading…

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July Updates 2018


July has been a beautiful month with the lovely warm weather! The sun in Edinburgh has been just the right temperature! We’ve certainly enjoyed it at YAP headquarters, a great excuse to eat ice cream. Not only has the UK seen a heatwave, there was also a Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse AND Mars could be seen on the 31st (of course, these were the nights that were cloudy so we didn’t see them ourselves)!!

There were so many member articles on the YAP website again (you’re all amazing) and there were a few exciting courses registered! This month, we published a blog about the British Wheel of Yoga situation, organised a new YAPTA with Tara Lee, congratulated our employee of the quarter and there were 3 team birthdays! To find out more about what we got up to in July, keep reading… Continue reading “July Updates 2018”

June Updates 2018

Summer is finally here! The days are longer and the sun has come out to play. It’s fair to say that June has been a very exciting month, from World Oceans Day to International Yoga Day! We feel like we say this every month, but seriously, where has the month gone?!

YAP started a new blog series (to help you negotiate social media). Two successful YAPTAs took place this month too. Our members have been busy publishing their own articles (thank you) and we’ve enjoyed reading them! Continue reading to find out more details (and a picture of our dog on his first birthday!)

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Survey Results

As you may be aware, Yoga Alliance Professionals sent out a detailed survey to all of our members regarding what we can do to increase the value of your membership.

What we heard back from you was impactful. Here are some of the most interesting findings and what we’re planning to do about it. Continue reading “Survey Results”

May Updates 2018


As all of you will know, May was an important month for many of us, as the GDPR came into effect throughout the EU. This means that we’ve made some changes to our own Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy (you can review these below). We created a handy page summarising the GDPR, which has lots of information and links. 

In addition to completing our GDPR compliance project, we have been busy working on some other projects, continue reading to find out more…

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April Updates 2018


Yet another month has flown in and with that comes another blog to keep you in the loop of what we’ve been up to. With the new GDPR regulations approaching (on 25th May), we have been busy getting ourselves prepared and informing you, we have now published 4 blogs in total highlighting some of the changes to Data Protection Laws and also of the changes YAP are taking to ensure we are compliant. 

We have started preparing for our annual edition of AMRITA too which is also exciting! We have picked a theme, we are collecting articles and we are starting to gather adverts. Keep reading for more information on AMRITA, GDPR and more. Continue reading “April Updates 2018”

March Updates 2018

Spring is (apparently) here and we are all looking forward to brighter, longer days with the sun shining and temperatures rising. Unfortunately, the nice weather hasn’t happened yet. We welcomed March with snow and we are ending March with snow, but we didn’t let the gloomy weather get us down and kept our spirits up!

This month was pretty productive in the YAP office, particularly with blogs! We published a total of 6 blogs in March which included information on the GDPR, yoga teacher insurance and our stance on beer yoga! There were also some changes to the insurance policy, continue reading for more information!


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February Updates 2018

Credit: Element 5 Digital

February has been short and sweet. It ended with the Beast from the East and for the first time ever, we had to close up the office and head home before we got snowed in! We are still affected but some of our dedicated team have been able to make it in today and the rest are working hard from home.

A lot of exciting things happened in February, from new YAPTA dates being announced to exciting news about Waitrose launching in-store yoga classes!

We’ve added some new documents to the member section so that you are aware of our new Further Training requirements and a reminder of the amazing features your profile has to offer and how to utilise them!

We updated our website analytics regarding leads and have discovered a direct correlation between profile use and the number of student leads received. More on that later!

Continue reading for the full rundown of what happened last month!

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The benefits of an Apprenticeship

Yoga Alliance Professionals is a Not for Profit Organisation. We exist to support our members and our membership fees are used to provide our members with an increasingly sophisticated web presence and support.

I manage the Human Resources and our teams here at Yoga Alliance Professionals. I wanted to improve the overall experience our members have with us by increasing the level of support on offer. The key to this was having more staff available to answer telephone calls and emails. It is important to me that our team is available to help and offer you support when you need it. To help me achieve this I looked to increase the size of our team.

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