Empowering Your Family with Family Yoga

Written by Ayala Homossany, Founder of Enchanted Wonders Ltd.

It is well understood that that yoga has a tremendous effect on our well being.  Understanding this notion invites us to look at how the yoga practice can be extended to the entire family and become a bonding step towards increasing the family’s physical and mental health. Continue reading “Empowering Your Family with Family Yoga”

A Yoga Journey

Written by Julia Morton, Founder of StarSparks Stonehaven

One of the greatest misconceptions of yoga is that it only happens on a mat. Yes, yoga takes you inwards but eventually, like any real growth, it will transform your outer world too. At least that has always been the case for me. When I embrace an asana I am exploring the uncomfortable boundaries and edges of the hidden potential in my mind, breath and body. It is a place of liminality. This also holds true for the world off the mat; knowing when to gently push into the unmoveable places but with the wisdom of knowing when to let go. Always breathing patiently for a subtle shift of change.  Continue reading “A Yoga Journey”

The Future of Yoga Therapy

Written by Noeleen Tyrrell, Director of Ard Nahoo Eco Retreat & Yoga School

When YAP asked us its members for our opinion on yoga therapy, its definition, personal experience and proposed training etc.  the first thing that came to my mind was the sticky fudgy question –  how do we define yoga today?  It would be easy to define it by traditional or classic standards but that does not answer to the reality of what is happening in the yoga industry today.   The variance in how yoga itself is taught and practised, the intention and goals of both teacher and student, the depth and quality of study and application, adherence to tradition plus openness to new scientific research and many more factors make it very tricky to put a ‘true’ modern definition of what yoga means in 2018.  Many people practice yoga asana simply as a physical exercise that makes them feel good and keeps them fit while others use all the various yoga practices, tools and meditation as a life path towards spiritual growth and freedom.  Each has its place, each is worthy. Continue reading “The Future of Yoga Therapy”

It is Never Too Late to Do Yoga

Written by Gopala Amir Yaffa, Founder of Rainbow Yoga

Many people with hectic schedules only find the time for activities like yoga in retirement. Though the tendency is to become more sedentary, retirement is the perfect time to pick up healthy habits that will promote longevity.

Our senior population is growing rapidly as is their interest in leading active, fit lives. On the whole, we live longer than we used to, and we all want high-quality living and good health to be a part of our older years. 

As we grow older, however, we typically become more susceptible to ailments that are linked to ageing, and, as a result, we tend to move less. The less we move, the more susceptible we become to a variety of ailments, and so it becomes a truly vicious cycle.

Although many of us feel that we should follow the advice of “taking it easy” as we grow older, that is actually what we shouldn’t do. Extended periods of sitting lead to muscular shortening, tightening and weakening. Lack of weight-bearing activity contributes to osteoporosis. Lack of movement and stretching leads to joint deterioration and loss of flexibility.  Continue reading “It is Never Too Late to Do Yoga”

August Updates 2018

Another month has come and gone in the blink of an eye! August has been a very busy month at YAP as we have been making some exciting changes to the website, these changes have started to be rolled out and we will continue releasing new features for the next couple of months. You may remember the blog we released in late June about the results of a survey we sent out (find this blog here!), all of these changes are based on the feedback from that! Everyone in the office is very excited for all of the new things to come and we are testing everything out for you so that it is perfect when we introduce these features to the website!

To find out more about what we have released so far and all the other exciting things that happened, keep on reading…

Continue reading “August Updates 2018”