Survey Results

As you may be aware, Yoga Alliance Professionals sent out a detailed survey to all of our members regarding what we can do to increase the value of your membership.

What we heard back from you was impactful. Here are some of the most interesting findings and what we’re planning to do about it. Continue reading “Survey Results”

Instagram For Your Yoga Business (Part 2)

In last weeks blog we discussed Business Pages, hashtags and posts. If you missed the first part of this blog please click here to start from the beginning!

This week I will be talking you through links, tags, mentions, the algorithm, explore and stories! This blog will give you a good understanding of Instagram and the ways you can use it for your business. This part of the blog goes into more depth of Instagrams features, it’s not all just images! One of the biggest growing features is stories. It has been suggested that more people are watching stories than scrolling through the timelines viewing images! So if you’d like to learn more about these features, continue reading. Continue reading “Instagram For Your Yoga Business (Part 2)”

Instagram For Your Yoga Business (Part 1)

How to use instagram for your yoga business


Social Media can be a very useful tool to promote yourself and any workshops/classes/courses that you are running. You may not like social media for personal use, but the truth is that it can be vital to marketing yourself and finding new students. 

Instagram is extremely popular in the yoga world and there are so many users on there that will be interested in yoga. It can be difficult to know where to start and how to effectively market yourself as a yoga teacher. Especially since Instagram is heavily based on visuals, you will need to have some beautiful photos (I recommend some really good ones that are royalty-free below!) If you want to get the rundown on the key aspects to Instagram and how to use the platform as a marketing tool, keep reading. Continue reading “Instagram For Your Yoga Business (Part 1)”

May Updates 2018


As all of you will know, May was an important month for many of us, as the GDPR came into effect throughout the EU. This means that we’ve made some changes to our own Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy (you can review these below). We created a handy page summarising the GDPR, which has lots of information and links. 

In addition to completing our GDPR compliance project, we have been busy working on some other projects, continue reading to find out more…

Continue reading “May Updates 2018”