“Why Fit In, When you were Born to Stand Out?” – Dr Seuss

Yoga for Autism and ADHD

It was a warm day in London, on Harley Street and I remembered a vague recollection of knowing this was where people came for cosmetic transformation.  I found that word ‘transformation’ a little ironic today, and far removed from the cosmetic sense, since I was here to learn about how yoga can be used as a method of transforming the lives of people with autism and ADHD – or at the very least how it can help manage the symptoms of these conditions.     Continue reading ““Why Fit In, When you were Born to Stand Out?” – Dr Seuss”

April Updates 2018


Yet another month has flown in and with that comes another blog to keep you in the loop of what we’ve been up to. With the new GDPR regulations approaching (on 25th May), we have been busy getting ourselves prepared and informing you, we have now published 4 blogs in total highlighting some of the changes to Data Protection Laws and also of the changes YAP are taking to ensure we are compliant. 

We have started preparing for our annual edition of AMRITA too which is also exciting! We have picked a theme, we are collecting articles and we are starting to gather adverts. Keep reading for more information on AMRITA, GDPR and more. Continue reading “April Updates 2018”

My Experience as a Yoga Teacher Trainee

I first attended a yoga class when I was a teenager. It was not that popular at that time, especially in a small town in southern Italy where I am from. I went only to accompany my friend, who had been told yoga was a good way to defeat anxiety. It was by chance, and it was an absolute disaster. I could not stop thinking that everything we were doing was completely non-sensical and awkward. My friend and I spent the whole time looking at each other, laughing and annoying everyone else around us, until we had been asked to leave the room. It was not love at first sight! Continue reading “My Experience as a Yoga Teacher Trainee”