GDPR – What do you need to do as a Yoga Teacher?

Yoga teacher GDPR

I would suggest that you set some time aside over the coming weeks to review your compliance with the GDPR, conduct a review of your processes and documentation and make any necessary changes. Remember the GDPR comes into effect on 25th May 2018.

The changes and information surrounding the GDPR and the actions which we all need to take are vast. I have put together some highlights from the research which I have done, which I feel are relevant if you are a yoga teacher. Further information can be found on the ICO website. Continue reading “GDPR – What do you need to do as a Yoga Teacher?”

GDPR – What is Changing?

The first thing you need to know is that the Data Protection laws are set to change.

On 25th May 2018 the UK Government will implement the General Data Protection Regulation, aka the GDPR. This will change the way businesses deal with personal information, all businesses are obliged to comply with these changes.

The entire act is 260 pages in length and I will highlight some of the key changes which our members should be aware of below. I will be publishing a series of blogs about this over the coming weeks.

It is important to be prepared and action these changes before the GDPR comes into effect. Continue reading “GDPR – What is Changing?”

Teacher Insurance

Yoga Alliance Professionals teacher memberships include insurance to teach yoga and meditation provided you are domiciled in either the UK or Ireland. We understand that yoga teachers have many things to think about when setting up classes and we have taken care of your insurance needs. We have used our experience to develop a group master insurance policy with Balens Ltd. Our policies are run by Balens Ltd and underwritten by Zurich Insurance Plc in the UK and Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Ltd in Ireland.

Did you know, you can be held legally liable for injury or other harm and/or financial loss alleged to have been caused to your students, or other parties? Hopefully, this will never happen to you but accidents do occur, and it doesn’t matter how qualified you are! Without insurance, you could face hefty legal bills to defend yourself and will be personally liable for any compensation payouts.

Our master policy covers you in case of any claims and includes a Legal Package.

There are two aspects to our master insurance policy, Malpractice/Professional Indemnity/Public/Products Liability and the DAS Legal Package. Continue reading “Teacher Insurance”

‘Hop’ on the bandwagon

People are attracted to the beautiful simplicity of yoga. When you enter a yoga class you leave the stress-filled manic world behind. Some come for the physical side, some for the meditational side, and many have found the strength to deal with their problems, physical, emotional and psychological. This simplicity is constantly under threat from a bombardment of products from the latest leggings to detox diets. And now yet another product has arrived on the yoga scene: beer yoga. To say that drinking beer while doing yoga ‘makes it less intimidating’ as one teacher stated, questions that teachers understanding of yoga. But the main issue, and one that YAP takes a stand on, is that many students come to yoga to help with addictions, including alcohol. Yoga is seen as a means to freedom, a means to find a deeper meaning to life. Adding alcohol to yoga blurs this boundary and instead of taking us inside, we are back endlessly chasing the myth of being able to buy happiness.


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A Year of Teaching – By Louise Wallace

I have always preferred meditating to asana practice. The state of stillness appeals to me.  My meditation practice teaches me to observe.  Learning to observe my ‘self’ in the newness of the morning naturally leads to observing other areas of my life – which I suppose is the point of meditation. Observing things just as they are.

So one year into teaching yoga, where am I?   What is it that I am observing? Continue reading “A Year of Teaching – By Louise Wallace”

February Updates 2018

Credit: Element 5 Digital

February has been short and sweet. It ended with the Beast from the East and for the first time ever, we had to close up the office and head home before we got snowed in! We are still affected but some of our dedicated team have been able to make it in today and the rest are working hard from home.

A lot of exciting things happened in February, from new YAPTA dates being announced to exciting news about Waitrose launching in-store yoga classes!

We’ve added some new documents to the member section so that you are aware of our new Further Training requirements and a reminder of the amazing features your profile has to offer and how to utilise them!

We updated our website analytics regarding leads and have discovered a direct correlation between profile use and the number of student leads received. More on that later!

Continue reading for the full rundown of what happened last month!

Continue reading “February Updates 2018”