National Occupation Standards

Where do Yoga Alliance Professionals stand?

Skills Active have produced a survey of NOS guidelines which they are inviting all yoga teachers to complete.

YAP's stand on NOS

The standards can be found here and the NOS survey can be found here.

There is debate in the yoga world about the pros and cons of filling out or simply ignoring it. Before we look at the arguments, it is worth taking a quick look at what led to the survey and its implications for yoga teachers in the UK.

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The Plot Thickens (NOS)

The plot thickens on the NOS

The plot (or is it soup?) thickens…We reported before on the tight control the BWY has on the NOS steering group, and how applications for inclusion by many prominent studios and organisations like ours were ignored in favour of a few hand-picked supporters within BWY clan.

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NOS Survey

We have sent the survey link to our members in the interests of transparency. National Occupational StandardsIt is up to you to decide what you want to do with it. We do want to emphasise that so far everything skill active have done has been evasive, opaque and completely ignored the many voices raised in opposition or simply requesting more information. Our view is therefore that you can complete the survey-hopefully negatively-or simply ignore it.

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Teacher Training Course Standards – Matthew Sweeney

Teacher Training Course Standards by Matthew Sweeney
Matthew Sweeney

If you’ve ever considered doing a Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) you’re probably aware that modern standards for Yoga Teacher Training are often inadequate. Students are rarely screened for proficiency, many are not ready to become teachers, the director of these trainings are not always adequately qualified to give the training, and the main regulatory body (Yoga Alliance USA) is not as effective as one would hope.

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